Monday, September 30, 2013

Challenges from The Condo

Chapter 1: The Party

The Condo: or...Life, a Sequel by Dalma Tak√°cs is available from (Pap. $17.99; / Kindle ed. $9.99)


The hero, Jasper Wergild and his wife Marguerite are hosting a party for old and new friends.  Join the conversation as different topics change the mood from bland to turbulent.




As he was making his rounds with the tray, he came upon a cluster of guests gathered round Jim Faraday and a man with a booming voice and a paunch to match. “Make no mistake,” the man was saying. “Global warming is God’s punishment for mankind.”  Jasper recognized Robert Smith, a stockier version of the Bob they used to bait in college. “Pride, envy and lust in our souls are destroying the world.”
“Do you mean to say that making out with your girlfriend is causing global warming?” Jim said.
“I mean that pride, envy and lust are causing God’s anger. Global warming is a sign of God’s anger.”
“They used to say that about the plague,” Jim said. “If you are right, we haven’t progressed very far.”


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Sunday, September 1, 2013