About this blog

Visit my condo! Stop by to look around or stay a while to join the discussion. Where is my condo, you ask? It's in a beautiful gated community called Paradise Point Condominiums. You could follow Jasper Wergild who got there after an automobile accident; you could visit my blog and find out more, or you could buy my novel and meet my fellow tenants as they deal with the challenges of the human condition.

My passion is Literature and making it come alive for people. This is what I have been doing for many decades as high school and college teacher and librarian. I think of literature as the echo that comes before we speak. 400 years ago someone said, "The pity of it, Iago! Oh the pity of it!" And today a child dies, a friend, a wife, or a husband lets us down, a beautiful dream is destroyed, and we utter the words that Shakespeare echoed before us.  What I am striving to do is to show people the challenges and wonders of life through the beauty of literature.