About me

My passion is Literature and making it come alive for people. This is what I have been doing for many decades as high school and college teacher and librarian. I think of literature as the echo that comes before we speak. 400 years ago someone said, "The pity of it, Iago! Oh the pity of it!" And today a child dies, a friend, a wife, or a husband lets us down, a beautiful dream is destroyed, and we utter the words that Shakespeare echoed before us.  What I am striving to do is to show people the challenges and wonders of life through the beauty of literature. 

I have added what I would like to call my own contributions to literature. My novel Meet me at the Globe is a visit to Shakespeare's  England; I have written several plays featuring historical and literary characters; another novel I am still working on is Refugee from Paradise, the diary of Hungarian refugee girl living in England after WWII. I have published two memoirs: I edited my mother's historical memoir Clear the Line, Hungary's struggle to leave the Axis in the Second World War; I have created portraits of key members of my family in Our Story: Saga of a Hungarian-American Family.

But I am not satisfied with hearing my own voice and reading my own lines. I also want to make people think and discuss their own ideas of what life is all about. That is what The Condo, or...Life, A Sequel—and this blog—is all about.

So, come and visit my condo!

To buy The Condo, Or...Life, A Sequel by Dalma Tak√°cs, visit http://www.amazon.com/ or www.xlibris.com/bookstore.

Meet Me at the Globe and Our Story are also available on http://www.amazon.com/. Clear the Line is out of print, but I will send you a copy for $30 including US postage.