Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Challenges from The Condo #5

Chapter 1: The Party


The Condo: or...Life, a Sequel by Dalma Takács is available from

Amazon.com. (Pap. $17.99; E.book / Kindle ed. $9.99)


The hero, Jasper Wergild and his wife Marguerite are hosting a party of old and new friends.  Join the conversation as different topics change the mood from bland to turbulent.


The guests are shocked witnesses when Pete suffers a PTSD attack and tackles his brother Joe,  punching him and forcing him to the ground.




The sophisticated company is now forced to face the basic question: what is the purpose of evil in human life?(On the next day Jasper goes on a trip to buy his dream condo in Florida, and will find some answers he had not expected. Watch next week's blog.)  



“I don’t see why we need evil in the first place,” Marguerite said. “We are supposed to be rational creatures, so why are we bent on destroying each other, ourselves, and our environment? If God is a rational creator, it makes no sense.”

“Maybe God, when he created the world, used evil as we use salt and pepper to flavor a soup.” Nancy mused. “A pinch will make a satisfying meal, but a fistful of the stuff will turn our taste buds into torture instruments.”

“An ingenious thought, but it still does not answer my question, why do people insist on destroying the soup?” Marguerite said.



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